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What is the difference between a leopard and a jaguar

In general, the jaguar coat has larger rosettes in smaller numbers. The rosettes Wholesale NFL Jerseys usually are darker, have Wholesale Jerseys thicker lines, and enclose smaller spots. The leopard coat has smaller, more faint rosettes in larger numbers. Leopard rosettes usually don enclose spots.

There are more distinct differences in the build of these two cats. The jaguar has an overall more muscular build. The body is compact, and the legs are more stocky than the more graceful leopard. The jaguar head is also more stocky, with a larger looking jaw and an overall more square appearance to the face.

Jaguars are native to South America, Central and lower portion of North America (mexico mostly). Their main diet consists of Havelena pigs (aka Pacera pigs).

Jaguars are native to the african continent.

An easy way to tell the difference is Cheap Jerseys that the rosettes on a Jaguar have small black dots in the center. "generally" Cheap NFL Jerseys Jaguars become heavier.

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