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The World's 16 Least Inspiring Flags

Non existent. It's a landmass. It's white. It's the place you're in. It's literally Antarctica, surrounded by ocean. If anything, this flag's existence is a metaphor for make work projects, and the peon whose lap it fell into didn't pad his deadline enough.

You don't need any kind of flag to be reminded that you're in Antarctica. The urine freezing inside your urethra is enough.

Hard for the kiddies to make out of construction paper in school, what with all 11,000 miles of coastland, detailed to the last inlet, sound and fjord. But then, who raises kids here? Asshole scientists. Probably.

Each color represents a group who has done more than just drop some coins in the Jain Salvation Army pot. Monks, teachers of scripture, souls who have transcended the material world they all get their own happy stripe. The three dots remind one of the "jewels" of Jainism: faith, knowledge and good behavior. If a man asks you to "embrace the jewels," make sure he's a Jain before answering. Or at least attractive.

Just one. Can you pick it out? Let's face www.packersofficialauthentic.com/authentic-demetri-goodson-jersey.html it, you could have the greatest flag ever, but a couple decades of putzes with armbands and your 1,000 year legacy is tainted forever. Even the transcendent souls must find themselves sweating when a B'nai B'rith tour bus pulls into the village. Sorry, entire religion of Jainism: your swastika is lovely, but . you know.

Hard to parse the subtlety. As if the red Arabic slogans weren't enough to loosen the bowels of western governments, the letters of "Allah" morph into a hand holding an AK 47. Wow. Was the dead Jew too difficult to draw?

Once again, try and spot the flaw, just to the left of the arm. They'll tell you it's a minaret, they'll tell you it's a Katyusha rocket, but let's be honest. Besides screaming "Party of God," this flag screams, "Behold the mighty cock that will ream the west."

The gun is higher than the leafy branch, suggesting Hezbollah values violence over . Are they trying to court gay radicals? Is there pressure from GLAAD Beirut?

Clearly, Libya wanted to immortalize the Green Revolution in flag form, but came up short on the "revolution" side, leaving a blank spinachy field. Possibly Moammar Qaddafi's lawn, possibly one of Qaddafi's millions of American petrodollars, possibly a tribute to Mark Rothko.

Laaaaazy. Maybe the flag council was worried about inadvertently adding a giant wang, and avoided all graphics.

We'd imagine half the fun of being a dictator is decorating every available surface with your haunting visage. It's part of your reward for a job well assassinated. Qaddafi has missed a great chance to further scare his people here. We expected more from Crazy Eyes Moe.

Rothko would have his hands cut off in most Islamic states.

"She's a grand old sea of snot."

Now we know the real reason the Special Olympians aren't allowed to compete in the regular Olympics: These mofos have SIX ARMS. How is that challenged? They can swim a lap in three strokes. They can box you in both kidneys and three spleens. And the hugs the hugs would last for days.

Reinforces the negative "freak show" image www.packersofficialauthentic.com/authentic-corey-linsley-jersey.html of the games, while giving false hope to those http://www.packersofficialauthentic.com/authentic-corey-linsley-jersey.html of us who would pay top dollar to see such people compete.

Whatever sport these hexapuses are engaged in, it involves making a circle. Beyond that, your guess is as good as ours.

If the stick arms are meant to represent wings, then draw wings. Otherwise it just looks like a ring of poor schmoes flapping their arms. Message: you can't Demetri Goodson Kids Jersey fly with Down Syndrome.

"The spider people are closing in."

Walloons have a deep reverence for that saucy dickens Chanticleer, iconic French rooster of song and legend, though not iconic enough for the French flag. Chanticleer is a rooster from a children's fable designed to teach children that the fox is smarter than the rooster, or something. He also appears in the movie Rock a Doodle, meaning the Wallonian flag violates the most important rule of flag design: your flag shouldn't be based around any characters that could logically appear in a movie called Rock a Doodle.

Imagine going into battle behind a jive talking rooster.

Out of sheer immaturity, we present the French name of this flag: le coq hardi.

The traditional Arab green, the rugged mountain spine in a desert backdrop, the holy star and crescent of Islam, and Pakistan's most prized commodity, the Baloch flying camel.

None, really. Just a magical camel, gently gliding over the hills at night, perhaps on his way to cheer up a sick child. Or jumping really high. Over the moon, maybe. Either way, it's adorable.

It's possible the camel is being dropped on an enemy. But until it lands, it's adorable.

"A place much more whimsical and less war torn than you think."

Points for originality go to Mauensee, a picturesque lakeside town in the Swiss canton of Lucerne, which scorns the usual golden lions and eagles and skips right to the flag equivalent of a hash trip. You didn't know Victor Moscoso designed Swiss flags, did you?

Suggests two terrible puns, "angel fish" and "flying fish," which we guess is better than "disgrace to our ancestors."

Too cartoony to be truly daring, not cartoony enough to be a true parody.

It's only funny if city fathers have built an entire fetish economy around this symbol winged fish costumes, a festival, tourist tchochkes, theme restaurants. And even then, it's not funny if you have to live there.

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