Marcell Ozuna is fantastic, and the Giants are interested

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This is going to go on all damned offseason, isnít it? There will be young, cheap, and productive players on the trading block, and my job is going <a href="http://www.laulerie.com/reuben-foster-jersey-c-1_7.html">http://www.laulerie.com/reuben-foster-jersey-c-1_7.html</a> to be simple and repetitive. No, the Giants arenít likely to make this trade because they lack the specific resources needed. Thanks, and weíll check back next week.
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Todayís rumor has to do with Marcell Ozuna, who is young, cheap, and productive. When you see those words together, sigh the deepest of sighs. They mean that the Giants arenít likely to get this particular player.
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This time, though, itís for a different reason! Ozuna hit 37 home runs last year and won a Gold Glove, so itís not like heíll be cheap. The Marlins are already intimately familiar with the Giantsí farm system, and they might have grown attached to some specific prospects. Considering Ozuna has just two years left <a href="http://www.officialblackhawkssale.com/corey-crawford-jersey-c-1_22.html">Corey Crawford Youth Jersey</a> before reaching free agency, the Marlins are likely to get top prospects back, but they wonít get a Chris Sale-like <a href="http://www.cinemakolik.com/christian-mccaffrey-jersey-c-1_2.html">http://www.cinemakolik.com/christian-mccaffrey-jersey-c-1_2.html</a> haul with a top-10 prospect. The Giants can play in this kind of market. It will likely cost them Heliot Ramos and more, but they arenít shut out completely.

The trick here is that the Marlins probably arenít looking only for prospects. Theyíre looking for something marlinsier.

That would be Junichi Tazawa, who was absolutely awful last year and is owed $7 million in 2018. If I had to guess, though, I would think the Marlins are more interested in moving Ozuna with Wei-Yin Chen, who has $52 million left on his deal. A team wouldnít need to empty the farm for Ozuna and Chen, and the Marlins would get exactly what they wanted.

There are at least eight teams interested in Ozuna. One of them will be able to give the Marlins some combination of prospects and salary relief that the Giants wonít. So it goes.

Would Ozuna fit on the <a href="http://www.officialcowboyssales.com/dak-prescott-jersey-c-1_5.html">Dak Prescott Womens Jersey</a> Giants? Oh, my. Heís right-handed power, and heís a fine defender. Heís young, athletic, and exciting, and he wouldnít be so expensive that the offseason would end with him. Think of his skill set like a young Hunter Pence, but with more power. I wouldnít be surprised to see the Giants go after him in free agency after the 2019 season, depending on what their needs are.

But heís a popular <a href="http://www.authenticcanadienssale.com/carey-price-jersey-c-2_9.html">http://www.authenticcanadienssale.com/carey-price-jersey-c-2_9.html</a> trade target. Popular enough that the Marlins can hold out for top prospects or salary relief, neither of which are assets the Giants have in great abundance. Iím just gonna copy and paste those two sentences and swap the names out for the rest of the offseason.

If the Giants improve their team greatly this offseason, theyíll either have to <a href="http://www.billsjerseysale.com/shop-by-players-lesean-mccoy-jersey-c-1_30.html">Authentic LeSean McCoy Jersey</a> blow past the de facto salary cap or get really, really creative. Iím hoping to write more about the creativity later today, but for now, letís just assume that Ozuna isnít likely to happen. You can tell because heís a target who would make far too much sense <a href="http://www.coxzine.com/aaron-rodgers-jersey-c-1_25.html">Aaron Rodgers Authentic Jersey</a> for <a href="http://www.raidersprosale.com/amari-cooper-jersey-c-1_20.html">http://www.raidersprosale.com/amari-cooper-jersey-c-1_20.html</a> the 2018 Giants. Players who make that much sense are too hard for a team to acquire if they donít have a lot of <a href="http://www.pchry.com/henrik-lundqvist-jersey-c-1_41.html">Henrik Lundqvist Womens Jersey</a> payroll room or a great farm system.

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