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This is of course related to the charger question I asked earlier.

ASUS X555LAB Laptop. 20 months old. Normally used plugged in, but off of battery once a week. So about 80-100 charge cycles in. Battery life good as ever. No visible wear or damage on cord or adapter. Not even dusty. Windows 10, all automatic updates, most recent tuesday (as in- after the charger problems occurred)

Last friday, at McDs, screen suddenly dims. Not charging. Fiddle with adapter, replug it upside down, works. Think nothing more. Issues most days afterwards though. Usually if it powers immediately, it will stay on all day. Bad, bad sinking feeling in gut, as I have no money for repair or replacement.

Today. Could not get it to power. No fiddling worked, I have no idea whatsoever where or what the problem is. (battery? software? cord? adapter? evil spirits?) Battery running down, asked previous question.

Transferring files to off laptop storage (ie thumb drive, tablet). Oops, hadn't plugged in tablet. Do so. Look at laptop screen. Why is it brighter? It's charging now? Literally nothing changed. This is the second times this scenario has occurred- Nothing, battery running down, suddenly decides to work.

What's going on? Is it something I can fix myself?

Please help...

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