Various Health Disorders Due to Smoking

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The chemical substances contained in cigarettes are very harmful to your health as well as those around you. Dangers of smoking for health include:

Cardiovascular Disorders
When you smoke, you will be more likely to have a heart attack. Smokers are two to four times more likely to develop heart disease. The risk is even higher if you are a female smoker who is taking birth control pills.
When smoking, you enter harmful substances that can be bad for the body, especially the heart, for example nicotine. When nicotine gets into the body, it can reduce the amount of oxygen that can enter the blood. This opiate substance can also speed up the heartbeat, raise blood pressure, damage the blood vessels in the heart, and increase the likelihood of blood clots that can trigger heart attacks. So also with the bad consequences of other organs.
The danger of smoking can also be felt by people who do not smoke at all. Cigarette smoke can cause heart disease and lung cancer in passive smokers, ie people who do not smoke but still inhale the smoke.

The danger of smoking can increase the risk of stroke by 50 percent. It can cause brain damage and death. Smoking can also increase the risk of having a cerebral aneurysm. Aneurysm of the brain is a swelling of blood vessels that occur due to weakening of blood vessel walls. Occasionally it can rupture and cause bleeding in the brain.

Mouth and throat
Bad breath and teeth are the effects of smoking. Gum disease and taste deterioration can also occur due to the dangers of smoking. A serious problem that will land on the mouth and throat is the increased risk of cancer of the tongue, throat, lips, and vocal cords.

One of the most dangerous effects of smoking is lung cancer. Chemicals in cigarettes have the potential to damage lung cells which can then turn into cancer cells. Other serious diseases you can experience are bronchitis, pneumonia, and emphysema.

Smoking can weaken the muscles that control the bottom of your esophagus. This allows the acid from the stomach to move in the wrong direction, ie up into the esophagus. The condition is called gastric acid disease or GERD. Some other stomach disease risks that can occur in a smoker are ulcers or peptic ulcers and stomach cancer.

Toxins in cigarettes can cause bone fragility. Therefore, smokers are more at risk of brittle bones or osteoporosis. Women smokers are more prone to osteoporosis than non-smokers.

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Smokers will look older than nonsmokers, because of the lack of oxygen to the skin. Premature aging will be felt, such as the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. Cigarette toxins can also cause cellulite on the skin.

Reproductive organs
Smoking can interfere with your reproductive system and your fertility. In men, smoking can cause impotence, reduced sperm production, and testicular cancer. While in women, smoking can reduce fertility. In addition, the risk of cervical cancer was higher because cigarettes reduce the body's natural ability to fight human papillomavirus infection or HPV.

Psychological disorder
In addition to physical illness, smokers also experience higher levels of stress than those who do not smoke. During this time you may think smoking can make more relaxed. You think the nicotine content can soothe your mind, but it turns out to be wrong. What makes anxious and anxious smokers are withdrawal symptoms of nicotine. By smoking, addiction to nicotine will be met and smokers feel like cigarettes are lowering stress.

It is true that not all smokers will die of heart disease, lung cancer, or stroke, but smoking can be very disruptive to health and reduce the quality of your life. Smoking hazards that you can feel everyday are coughing, shortness of breath, more tired, more susceptible to infection, or experiencing sleep disorders characterized by difficulty breathing at night and then feel tired in the morning.

Maybe you are used to hearing the dangers of smoking on the body, but you still do not stop smoking habit because you feel your health is still okay. Keep in mind, smoking is just like saving toxins in the body that little by little can accumulate if done continuously. That way, the risk of suffering from any disease will be higher in old age. Not only you, the closest people will feel the effect because it also inhaling tobacco smoke toxic.

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