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If you are falling in love with someone or have a serious crush after just a few dates Cheap Jerseys China Free Shipping , you may be wondering to yourself, Are we meant to be together? Love is such a fickle thing, and nobody has a crystal ball showing what the future holds. But, whether you believe in fate or whether you think that the one you choose to be with is the result of a random series of events, most people can agree that there is such thing as having a sense of being meant to be with another person.

Some relationships just sort of feel right, like they were ordained in heaven, Cupid, or the gods. Oddly enough, the relationship that ultimately feels ?meant to be? is not always the one that we may have anticipated. For example, the right person for you may not be the person to whom you were initially attracted, but rather the one whom you came to be attracted to over time. Or, it could be the person with whom it was love at first sight. In the end, the reality is very different from person to person.

Take this short ?Are we meant to be together? quiz and tally up your score:

1. Do you share similar spiritual or religious values?

After having known someone for a while Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale , your conversations may sometimes touch upon the questions of life such as your views about how the world works, including spirituality andor religion. If you have had the chance to talk about these subjects with the person you have feelings for, ask yourself: are the two of you on the same page in this way?

2. When you don t agree on matters of importance, are you accepting of the differences in your opinions?

If you are not necessarily in perfect agreement with each other about all of life?s big questions (see #1 above), are you at least able to ?agree to disagree?? In order to be able to do this, you need to have a general sense of who each other is as a person. And, you need to hold views of life that are similar enough that they allow your different views to co exist peacefully within your relationship.

3. The first time you met, did you have the feeling that you had known them before?

Many people who feel they are meant to be together share a special secret: both people had the sense when they met that they had known each other before. It doesn?t take a belief in the idea of past lives or reincarnation to feel moved by this mysterious feeling of recognition when it happens.

4. Do they highlight your accomplishments and boost your confidence?

Couples who are right for each other are those who seek to boost the abilities, talents and accomplishments of each other. In other words, couples who are meant to be together are not competitive with each other. Rather, they do everything they can to support one another.

5. Do you both want the same thing in terms of having a family together?

If as a couple you are in a position to contemplate starting a family together one day, have you shared your feelings about this with each other? Specifically: are you both interested in having children? How many?

6. Are you comfortable sharing anything with them, including your fears and shortcomings?

Members of a couple who are willing to share their deepest hope Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping , fears, and even shortcomings with each other have a relationship that is built to last. That is because the presence of trust is an integral part of a solid relationship.

7. Scenario: if you won the lottery but had to share half your winnings with someone you know, would you choose this person?

Imagine this scenario: you win a huge sum of money in the lottery, but in order to receive it you are required to give half of it to someone you know. Quick: who is the first person you would choose? If the person you chose is a romantic interest of yours, you could be meant to be together.

If you scored a 5 or above on this Are we meant to be together quiz, by making the right moves you will have a wonderful, long lasting future together.
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