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Estonia remembers Nazi collaboration with military training comments

I know that Finland is not member of NATO. The sentence didn't come up correctly after I edited the post to fit it in the limit of characters. My fault. Though, if you saw my other posts, you would noticed that I never listed Finland as a member of NATO. So, please, do to jump so fast with the conclusions about my "total lack of knowledge". Actually, talking about Finland I have zero problems this country so, nothing really to discuss.Aren't you, marko? Look at your "civilized" world what it is doing with Iraq and Afghanistan. Isn't it typical behaviour of animals the strongest rules? Look at that huge difference how people live in the "civilized" countries, where some live in palaces and some literally, next to the garbage bins. Or may be you think that, say, such countries such as the USA or Britain are not members of the civilized society? Or look at your neighbour Estonia, where people are divided on having proper genes and wrong genes and latter ones are trained like Pavlov's dogs if they try to speak Estonian, they encouraged, if they not they become outcasts. Even being born in Estonia they are not good enough to become citizens. So much about "modern civilization". Right, marko? you completely missing my points in the latest posts. You are taking something totally irrelevant (and even unwritten by me) things from my sentences and emerge with, softly speaking, weard conclusions. What Viking's lifestyle has to do with what I was talking about? We were arguing about who is harassing whom and your biased position. You were saying that all nations living on territory of Russia were conqured. My counter argument was so was Russia. See, what I mean? Why agian and again you are applying double standards, marko? Do you have any benefits from this? Do you feel better knowing that Russians are bad?Bogdanov: Didn't see your msg 19:09 before. RT's system has been working very strangely lately.About "Winner is right" attitude: I know about Vikings and Russia. You make me more and more amazed about your way of thinking. In Viking times there weren't any civilized rules, UN or other modern agreements about sovereignity of countries or respecting human rights. Surely you don't mean that Russia's point of view about this is in the level of Vikings and other barbarians? Or after reading your comments, I can only fear that maybe they really are.Have you noticed that we aren't animals anymore? We don't live in Savannah and wait in trees for lions to go away. Or at least we don't in Finland. I know that in Russia one who has power/money is feared by everyone. If you have a big expensive car, you expect other people to respect you. If you don't give way, you could get killed. Militsia won't do anything as they can be bought. And this is not my invention, but the reality taught by Russian friends, when I've been trying to drive by the rules in Russian roads. In ugg boots clearance Finland everybody gets same treatment from police and other drivers, whether you drove old Lada or newest Bentley. This is the difference between civilized world and Russia. And seems to be also difference between your real world and my real world.What logic was there behind your comment about Russia harassing smaller countries and Russia being a collection of smaller nations? Only logic I can find is, that these smaller nations of Russia weren't part of Russia, until Russia conquered them. This gives a good insight in to your views.To show your total lack of knowledge, I have to tell you that chi hair straightener Finland is not a member of Nato. And even if it would be, what business of Russia's would it be anyway? Only a chauvinistic person could see the reason. Neither I labeled by this name Marzipan6. I just pointed out to your own arguments and the way you present them. But, you already figured it out yourself, didn't you? So, my task will be easier I don't have to explain to you that I didn't do what I didn't.The reason why the USA and NATO is here, because this is part of the modern life in Estonia, Finland, and Russia. And because Estonia is a part of NATO (and the USA politics). You cannot ignore it, detach Estonia from everything (at least, the countries and organizations it depends), hang it in the air, and suggest us to view it this way in its pure form. This would be too artificial and unrealistic. Everything is measured by comparison and on the ground with all its interconnections and motives.If you (or Marzipan6), like Kihnu, would recognize and explicitly say that the USA and NATO countries (and that means, Estonia as well) conducting imperialistic (neocolonial) politics and doing evil things with other countries (which they do), then both of those references would out of the picture I would not bring this as my argument. But, because of the duality of your position, which, as I said in the previous post, smells like Nazi approach ranking the nations and applying different standards to them it give me extra argument against you. Why I would refuse to take it, marko?And as you ran out of arguments, you basically decided to call me a nazi. (And next you'll claim, you literally actually didn't)It's like talking to a multipersonality with you. First you write, that you never claimed anything else, when I present you facts about a subject you vaguely disagreed. Then in next sentence you make a snide remark, that basically nullifies your previous sentence. Not literally of course, but enough to leave the port open to multiple interpretations. (And next you'll probably tell, that is just because there's so many truths about things)Maybe it's just me and my simple Finnish "nazi" way of saying exactly what I think straight and expect that others do that too.If we talk about the subject (Erna) which is about Finland, Estonia, nazis and SU/Russia here, why the hell we should start to drag Nato or USA in the conversation? I'm probably just too simple to understand it. But from the experience, I can tell you, that it seems to be very common defense mechanism of a Russian person to:a) Draw a nazi card.b) Claim that USA is doing evil things too. And yours (and Marzipan6 as well) conclusion cheap oakleys this is Russian chauvinism is speaking. But, ask yourself is this a characteristic of the Russians only? How about Scandinavians (Vikings), Brits, Americans, French, Germans? Don't they have the same philosophy which they proved practically during the history of their existence? By the way, you probably know that Russia (Russ) as a country was created and originally ruled by Vikings (Rurick tribe). Should Russians complain that they are occupied by Sweden for a millenium?But, can we blame big nations for their instincts? No. We came from the animal kingdom, where this is rule 1 the fittest wins and dominates. So, those Russians who are pointing to this they just remind you about the rules of the real world vs. the imaginary one pictured in your head. By the way, the Communists also dream about the world where everybody is equal and everything is fair. Russians, unlike Europeans and Americans, experienced this utopia on themselves and know that it doesn't work. And they tell you about this.Again, the hypocrisy of your (and Marzipan6) position is revealed in the following. You are blaming Russia that it harasses the smaller nations. But, you are forgetting to mention (or failed to see) that:(a) Russia itself is a collection of nations(b) You (Finland and Estonia) rushed to American/NATO embrace to make yourself a part of something big. Why don't you stay small and completely independent nation as you claiming you want to be? Why fall to the dependency to Americans and Germany (which, practically, controls the EU)?Nazis are those who divide people and apply different standards to different groups (rank them). I couldn't find anything in the stole's comments which would give me hints that he does it. In contrary, yours and Marzipan6's comments full of this stuff. Your positions are inconsistent and full of contradictions. By the way, Kihnu, has much more coherent views than two of you. He has problems with Russia, but, he also has problems with the US and NATO. Which makes more sense to me, considering a lot of similarities between those giants and their behavior.

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