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Still Speeding Album Review

It would be easy to ridicule Beady Eye, essentially Oasis sans Noel. It would be easy to snipe, to dismiss, to fill up a review with 'hilarious' comments about the band, their fan base and what this album says about the current musical climate. You know what? It is easy, but that doesn't mean it's not fun. I'd love for Different Gear, Still Speeding to be a return to form, and to lavish praise on a three piece free of the shackles of their former bands governing ego. I'd love, even moreso than this, to say that Andy Bell, he of disgracefully under rated shoegazers Ride, had been encouraged to take more of a leading role and press the windswept euphoria of his earlier band onto Oasis's dated pub rock template. But I can't. Because 'Different Gear, Still Speeding' is sht. I can hardly avoid it. Beady Eye have created one of the most turgid and uninspiring albums that I have ever heard. The quality is extremely poor throughout; Liam sounds like he is forcing out a beer sht in the chorus of 'Millionaire'. At least I presume it's a chorus. A voice that has decomposed, yet sadly not silenced, after years, nay decades, of cheap watered down lagers and cheaper watered down drugs, spat http://www.texansofficialproshop.com/Nike-Dj-Swearinger-Jersey.html out by a tracksuited demi human that's acting like a freaking ham sandwich. I welcome you to read previous reviews I have done for this site. This isn a typical review of mine, but this album isn typical either. An album, no matter how good or bad you find it personally, typically offers at least one new idea, or has one thing to base a review around. Gear, Still Speeding for me, doesn of course, you could intermittently fk off.

Got to agree with the reviewer, this album is terrible. I actually quite liked Oasis up to Be Here Now and still on later albums there sparks of greatness here and there. But this is truly truly awful, it sounds like the first band I was in when I was fifteen and we were dogste. This band could have been interesting had they adopted a bit of influence from Ride like the reviewer said, something that could shake the formula up a bit. Instead its just lazy riffs and crap Noel guitar solo The vocal melodies are even more horrendus and laughable.

This review is a bit harsh. Just a bit though. It certainly not the worst album I ever heard, but it one hell of a far cry from the best. I think it would stand well against the rest of the modern music scene, but really? How difficult is that when you really think about?There is great, great talent in this band. Gem and Andy are utter Brooks Reed Authentic Jersey fantastic muscians, and I think it shows in some of the songs of this album. The problem, to be blunt, is the lyrics (All the band members can share some blame here) and Liam woefully inadequate vocals. This is a man who was one of the greatest frontmen in rock reduced to a whining, weezing echo of the "Voice of Oasis". I wanted to love this album so much. I wanted to hear that the horrible live performances that Liam had been phoning in over the last few years were just a mistake because he was bored (For an example, check out the live gig included in the collector edition Kareem Jackson Authentic Jersey of Time Flies. "Millionaire" was fun and "Kill For A Dream" was playfully whimsical. I don see it myself. I mean, Beady Eye is a rock and roll band, so I suppose you can compare them in the same way that you can compare them to The Beatles or The Stone Roses or what have you. However, despite all of flagrant borrowing and sound a likes I didn hear anything really Oasis in any of that. Maybe some of Andy and Gem songs from DBTT and DoYS were similar, but the meat of the Oasis catalogue did not reach my ears while listening to "Different Gear, Still Speeding". Definitely not as bad as the original review claims, but I can say he completely and utter wrong on song points. You can hate their music, but you can objectively dismiss their music as "utter ste". Even the fiercest (educated) Oasis haters I know, generally admit that they had their qualities and that they influenced a lot of bands that are popular now, but that it just isn't their cup of tea. I, for example, really dislike Radiohead. I'd go as far as to say that I hate them. But does that mean that I make fun of my friends who are Radiohead fans? No. I'm a musician myself, and I know Tom Yorke is a very good and talented musician. It's not wrong for a reviewer to give his opinion to the reader, but you just aren't being credible anymore. Giving an album 1/10 is just a disgrace.

No, you didn literally. But from the beginning of your review, it is clear that you don have a lot of respect for Oasis. It's just a "let's bash Oasis sorry, Beady Eye and have www.texansofficialproshop.com/Nike-Deandre-Hopkins-Jersey.html some fun." Which isn't really a problem to me, but then you shouldn't have called your article a "review". Indeed, the album of course isn't as good as "Definitely Maybe" as Liam claimed a few weeks ago. But I do think it sounds fresh (thanks to Mr. Lillywhite), and that it was much better than expected. Yes I really enjoyed listening to it. Besides, you only reviewed 4 (!!) songs of the album. 4 songs and those 4 songs also contained the 2 worst songs of the album (SOTEOTN and B You only forgot to slate "Wind Up Dream", which I'm not too fond of either. And you even couldn't be bothered to mention the beautiful ending of "The Morning Son" for example. Sorry man, but if you want to criticize a band, at least do it in a credible way, and don't give the album a 1/10. That is just embarrassing. All the other reviews prove me right, most reviews were 4/5, some 3/5 a few 5/10. But 1/10? Seriously? If that's your honest opinion, fine by me, but don't expect people to put any value in your review. As a journalist myself it is all about being objective what would Oasis fans like about the album for instance? Nothing in depth about your review which is disappointing!! You basically said this song is st and this song is st! If you don like it then fair enough but be OBJECTIVE! You look like some wee kid who has gone on a strop than a reviewer! I just hope you don do the job full time.

I have to agree with the reviewer on this Liam. a review is asked for by bands and record companies for the sole purpose of getting feedback wether the feedback is positive or negative. If the reviewer called it shit or the next Album you take your chances. Its having the nuts to post/share the review. I doubt there will be many soundbites from this review but there be some suck up somewhere who will give Beatly Eye the tools to sell bazillions of albums, singles, itunes etc. By the way my band have released 2 albums and have always shared positive and negative feedback. If we got a review with 1/10 it would still be posted. Its all feedback! We not scared. or shit for that matter. By the way, how do Beady Eye have the gaul to charge 74 a ticket for Manchester Apollo? Thats just shit.

Terrible, I say review, but this was all just the personal opinion of someone who can move on from the glory days of Oasis. Even Heathen Chemistry had a few gems. Anyway, from what I have heard so far of Different Gear, Still Speeding it sounds like Kareem Jackson Navy Jersey fun. Certainly sounds like an album that will be a slow burn, that is you Brooks Reed Navy Jersey buy more and more into it over time. Howeve. this is a new band, with a different focus fronted by one of the best rock vocalists we had in years. By no means does it sound like its as bad as Standing on the Shoulders of Giants which apart from Gas Panic was utter dribble.

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