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Rookie NFL player is put on the spot to sing in front of his team and well

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It would be like if you had a soccer(Futbol) player who was insanely good at scoring, but terrible at everything else. I mean like better than Messi/Ronaldo in terms of scoring. The game at 80 minutes and you down by one. They would put that player in the game because he so talented at scoring that all other aspects of the game aren a priority.

In American Football, let say your team is on defense. You put in a player on the defensive line (The guys with their hands in the ground) who is great at pass rushing (tackling the Quarterback/person who throws the ball) because the offense pretty much has to throw the ball in that situation. He may not be good enough at his overall position, but he very good in that one aspect, which makes him very valuable in certain situations.

Personally, when I played football, I was on offense (Fullback) and I was good at one thing, run blocking up the middle/edges. The coach put a different player in when they were doing other plays that I was not fast enough to preform effectively. And I was more than happy about that.

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